The principles that govern the code and architecture of iNQUIRE are:

  • open standards
  • flexible in user interface, layout and features
  • abstraction from client data
  • file format agnostic

A basic architecture of iNQUIRE is shown below, highlighting the way in which the presentation  layer is abstracted from the code, and the code from the data.

The default installation platform is Windows Server 2003+, IIS and MS SQL Server Express+. As iNQUIRE is a framework, rather than an off-the-shelf product, the architecture can be customised for an individual users requirement (ie Linux hosting rather than Windows, MySQL rather than MS SQL Server, IIP Image Server rather than Djatoka).

iNQUIRE was designed to make deployment as simple as possible, and to that end features:

  • dynamic transcode from JPEG, JP2, or TIFF to custom-resolution JPEG in the browser
  • dynamic OpenSeadragon DeepZoom creation
  • pre-coded to accept audio and video files (HTML5 compliant Ogg and MP3/MP4 files)
  • support for compound objects (books, journals etc)
  • no need to alter the existing metadata
  • use of HTML and CSS makes re-skinning simple
  • the application is coded using the MVC/MVVM (Model View ViewModel) approach meaning flexibility is built-in
  • login accepts custom identities as well as OpenID Connect
  • can use the IIIF Presentation and Image APIs to ingest manifests into it’s index and then present search results

Contact us for more detailed information.

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