iNQUIRE released as open source

In May 2016 iNQUIRE was released as open source software under the MIT License.

We hope libraries and museums will enjoy making the most of iNQUIRE. Armadillo is available to assist with consulting, deployment and customisation should you need any help.

You can download iNQUIRE source here.

iNQUIRE launches at the Bodleian

In July 2015, iNQUIRE was launched at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, powering Digital Bodleian.

Matt McGrattan from the Bodleian writes “Armadillo Systems’ iNQUIRE offered us the opportunity to deliver a richer user experience and greater functionality than we could have achieved using in-house development in the time or budget available.”

Digital Bodleian is available here.